PoNE Lab Meetings

The PoNE Lab Meetings are a weekly meeting of researchers interested in the intersection of politics and evolution both broadly defined. The goal of the PoNE Lab Meetings is to offer interesting reads, stimulating discussions and occasionally inspiring talks by leading scholars. The Lab Meetings are meant to take advantage of the fact that Aarhus University hosts one of the largest group of researchers in Europe whose work in political science is informed by evolutionary psychology. It seeks to provide a platform for mutual learning and connecting researchers from different sections, interests and career stages.

The PoNE Lab holds its meetings each Friday 2-3 pm. Each week one member will be responsible for selecting a (shorter) text or presenting their own work that they believe could lead to an interesting discussion and benefit members of the Workshop. The same person will also set the scene for the discussions by giving some background info / explanation for their reading choice and offering a few discussion points.

If you are interested in joining the PoNE Lab Meeting series, please send an email to the coordinator, Alexander Bor (alexander.bor@ps.au.dk ),and we will keep you updated on the topics.