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OUP book: Politics of Revenue Bargaining in Africa

Politics of Revenue Bargaining in Africa (forthcoming). Oxford University Press. 

Overview of book chapters

Chapter 1: Politicisation of taxation and state-society reciprocity in Africa. Anne Mette Kjær (Aarhus University), Marianne S. Ulriksen (University of Southern Denmark) and Ane Karoline Bak (University of Southern Denmark)

Chapter 2: Unpacking revenue bargaining: Triggers, processes, and outcomes. Anne Mette Kjær (Aarhus University), Marianne S. Ulriksen (University of Southern Denmark) and Ane Karoline Bak (University of Southern Denmark)

Chapter 3: We pay, we act? Ane Edslev Jacobsen (Aarhus University)

Chapter 4: Same same but different: The effect of political alignment on revenue performance and revenue bargaining in Mozambican municipalities. Armin von Schiller (German Development Institute)

Chapter 5: Bargaining strategies in recent tax reforms in Tanzania. Marianne S. Ulriksen (University of Southern Denmark), Lucas Katera (REPOA, Tanzania) and Jamal Msami (REPOA, Tanzania)

Chapter 6: Revenue bargains in poorly regulated countries: Lobbying and the shaping of tax policies in Tanzania. Odd-Helge Fjeldstad (CMI, African Tax Institute) and Lise Rakner (CMI, University of Bergen)

Chapter 7: Farmer associations and revenue bargaining in Uganda's agricultural sector. Anne Mette Kjær (Aarhus University) and Clayton Arinanye (affiliated researcher, Makerere University)

Chapter 8: The politics of regulation and taxation of Uganda's petroleum sector. Dan Ngabirano (Makerere University)

Chapter 9: Campaign financing and revenue bargaining in Tanzania and UgandaMoses Khisa (North Caroline State University), Jamal Msami (REPOA, Tanzania) and Ole Therkildsen (DIIS, Denmark)

Chapter 10: A third party at the table: How chiefs and donors influence revenue bargains in Togo. Rachel Beach (PhD, International consultant on tax and development)

Chapter 11: Who should pay? Government and donor bargaining over funding of social protection in Tanzania. Marianne S. Ulriksen (University of Southern Denmark) and Constantine G. Simba (REPOA, Tanzania)

Chapter 12: Brokered fiscal contracts? Ane Karoline Bak (Aarhus University) and Fatou Gueye (Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar)

Chapter 13: Politics of revenue bargaining in Africa: Glimpses of state-society reciprocityAnne Mette Kjær (Aarhus University), Marianne S. Ulriksen (University of Southern Denmark) and Ane Karoline Bak (Aarhus University)

Publications (articles, policy briefs, etc.)

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PSRB working papers and background papers

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Ph.D. dissertations and MA theses

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