The Department of Political Science is committed to conducting research of the highest possible quality within the broadest possible spectrum of political science disciplines. High priority is given to actually communicating our research findings, whether to researcher colleagues in Denmark and abroad or to other audiences that might be interested in our work and results. Our research is communicated through a number of international publication channels, Danish research journals and books, TV and radio, newspapers and various online media - and, of course, through lectures and conference papers.

PhD students contribute to broad research profile

An important factor contributing to the Department’s extensive research profile is its many talented and committed PhD students. The PhD students are involved as much as possible in the daily life and activities of the Department and their research is a vital component of our research profile.

International research cooperation essential

The Department of Political Science has always attached great importance to ensuring extensive international research collaboration and to maintaining international standards of excellence in its research.

Considerable resources are therefore devoted to cooperation with political and social scientists in other countries and to publication in international journals and international anthologies. For the same reason, our faculty members give high priority to attending international conferences and presenting their research findings on such occasions.

These initiatives help disseminate knowledge of Danish political research to a worldwide audience and, at the same time, facilitate the involvement of Danish researchers in international research collaboration.

Research and teaching are inextricably linked

It is a key principle for the Department of Political Science that, wherever possible, teaching is undertaken by faculty members, that is by active researchers. This is to ensure that teaching in each particular subject always builds on the most recent research findings and newest insights.

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