Conference about drones and international security at Aarhus University on 5-6 March 2015. Photo: Francisco Gonzaga dos Santos
Jessica Dorsey, TMC Asser Institute. Photo: Francisco Gonzaga dos Santos
Bruno O. Martins, Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University. Photo: Francisco Gonzaga dos Santos
Christian Enemark, researcher on the ethics of war, Aberystwyth University and Bruno O. Martins, Aarhus University. Photo: BSS Communication

2015.03.16 | Public/media

Can we influence the EU's view on the use of armed drones?

Is it ethically responsible to be killing victims in cold blood from thousands of kilometres away? Do we want to expose drone operators to the psychological pressure of seeing their victims die via the drone camera? What about all the innocent victims in e.g. Pakistan, who have to face the drone threat on a daily basis? And what if someone pointed…

Associate professor Tonny Brems Knudsen

2015.03.05 | Awards

Award for paper about Denmark’s foreign policy activism

Tonny Brems Knudsen has received the award for the best paper presented at the International Studies Association’s annual conference 2014 in the section for English School.

2015.03.02 | Conference

Conference invitation: Drones and International Security

The conference Drones and International Security presents the latest research and different views on the use of armed drones in warfare. The main objective of the conference is to contribute to the debate on the use of armed drones and to the definition of an autonomous EU position.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary and David Delfs Erbo Andersen at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

2015.02.26 | Awards

200,000 DKK travel grant takes David Andersen to Florida

PhD fellow in political science, David Delfs Erbo Andersen, has received an EliteForsk travel grant of 200,000 DKK at the EliteForsk conference in Copenhagen hosted by the Danish Independent Research Council.

2015.02.18 | People

Postdoc grant: The possibilities of enhancing production efficiency through fiscal

Anne Heeager has received a 1.7 million DKK postdoc grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research.

Lene Aarøe
Michael Bang Petersen

2015.02.12 | Awards

Award for best article in top journal: Scandinavians and Americans agree on who deserves welfare

The award for best article published in the acclaimed Journal of Politics in 2014 goes to Lene Aarøe and Michael Bang Petersen.

We tend to prefer dominant-looking leaders, but don’t generally prefer people who appear dominant. In fact, when we go searching for friends, we look for something quite different. Photo: Colourbox

2015.02.10 | Research news

Does a competent leader make a good friend?

New research shows that when we elect leaders and politicians we tend to prefer dominant-looking, masculine men, but when we are looking to make new friends we seek the opposite.

All over the world we face an acute shortage of organs. New post doc project investigates how we can eliminate the shortage of organs through increasing the supply. Photo: Colourbox

2015.01.14 | People

Grant from the Carlsberg Foundation for postdoc project on organ donations

Andreas Albertsen has received a grant for a postdoc project about eliminating the shortage of organs through increasing the supply. Kim Mannemar Sønderskov has also received a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.

2015.01.13 | New Books

New book: Political protest, activism and social movement

Lasse Lindekilde and Thomas Olesen focus on political movements not part of the established political system, eg. terror organisations and climate demonstrations.

2015.01.13 | New Books

Stata - A Practical Introduction

Kim Mannemar Sønderskov introduces the reader to the program and explains how Stata is used for scientific analysis of quantitative data.

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