2015.06.16 | Research news

Party supporters are driven by partisan identity – not specific policies

Political engagement depends on the extent to which supporters identify with a given party. But are party supporters influenced by the actual party policy? Or is it rather the level of their attachment to the party in question that determines their partisanship, a relation that may be compared to that of sports fans?

Photo: Jesper Rais/Aarhus University

2015.06.19 | Research news

Physiological responses reveal our political affiliations

New research from Aarhus University in Denmark shows that political partisanship is rooted in affective, physiological processes that cause partisans to toe the party line on policies and issues, regardless of policy content.

2015.06.09 | Conference

Dept. of Political to host the 2016 PMRC

The Department of Political Science has been granted the honour of hosting a major international conference on public management, which will take place in Aarhus next summer.

2015.06.04 | Research news

Political affiliation overrides ethnic differences

New research shows that people non-consciously categorise others by their political affiliation and tend to disregard race and ethnicity — but not age or gender.

2015.05.28 | New Books

New book: The Politics of African Industrial Policy

Anne Mette Kjær and research colleagues engage in the debate on growth versus economic transformation and the importance of industrial policy in their new book. The book also provides four in-depth African country studies.

Professor of Political Science Rune Slothuus

2015.05.19 | Awards

Rune Slothuus receives talent award in political psychology

Professor Rune Slothuus receives this year’s Erik Erikson Early Career Award from The International Society of Political Psychology.

2015.05.04 | PhD defense


In Estonia and Slovenia, reforms of the central public administrations have helped lower the level of corruption, which continues to plague other Eastern European countries.

2015.04.22 | New Books

New book: Luck Egalitarianism

In his new book Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen tackles all the major questions concerning luck egalitarianism, providing deep, penetrating and original discussion of recent academic discourses on distributive justice as well as responses to some of the main objections in the literature.

2015.04.22 | New Books

New book: International Relations of the Middle East (Vol. 1-4)

Morten Valbjørn and Fred Lawson have edited a four-volume work on international relations in the Middle East.

2015.04.17 | New Books

Global Injustice Symbols and Social Movements

In this brilliant book, Olesen bridges the micro-macro divide to expose the inextricable relationship between social movements, symbols, and society in the global age.

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