Professor of Political Science Rune Slothuus

2015.05.19 | Awards

Rune Slothuus receives talent award in political psychology

Professor Rune Slothuus receives this year’s Erik Erikson Early Career Award from The International Society of Political Psychology.

2015.05.04 | PhD defense


In Estonia and Slovenia, reforms of the central public administrations have helped lower the level of corruption, which continues to plague other Eastern European countries.

2015.04.22 | New Books

New book: Luck Egalitarianism

In his new book Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen tackles all the major questions concerning luck egalitarianism, providing deep, penetrating and original discussion of recent academic discourses on distributive justice as well as responses to some of the main objections in the literature.

2015.04.22 | New Books

New book: International Relations of the Middle East (Vol. 1-4)

Morten Valbjørn and Fred Lawson have edited a four-volume work on international relations in the Middle East.

2015.04.17 | New Books

Global Injustice Symbols and Social Movements

In this brilliant book, Olesen bridges the micro-macro divide to expose the inextricable relationship between social movements, symbols, and society in the global age.

2015.03.16 | Public/media

Can we influence the EU's view on the use of armed drones?

Is it ethically responsible to be killing victims in cold blood from thousands of kilometres away? Do we want to expose drone operators to the psychological pressure of seeing their victims die via the drone camera? What about all the innocent victims in e.g. Pakistan, who have to face the drone threat on a daily basis? And what if someone pointed…

Associate professor Tonny Brems Knudsen

2015.03.05 | Awards

Award for paper about Denmark’s foreign policy activism

Tonny Brems Knudsen has received the award for the best paper presented at the International Studies Association’s annual conference 2014 in the section for English School.

2015.03.02 | Conference

Conference invitation: Drones and International Security

The conference Drones and International Security presents the latest research and different views on the use of armed drones in warfare. The main objective of the conference is to contribute to the debate on the use of armed drones and to the definition of an autonomous EU position.

2015.02.26 | Awards

200,000 DKK travel grant takes David Andersen to Florida

PhD fellow in political science, David Delfs Erbo Andersen, has received an EliteForsk travel grant of 200,000 DKK at the EliteForsk conference in Copenhagen hosted by the Danish Independent Research Council.

2015.02.18 | People

Postdoc grant: The possibilities of enhancing production efficiency through fiscal

Anne Heeager has received a 1.7 million DKK postdoc grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research.

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