CAP 2020
13th Annual Conference of the
Comparative Agendas Project (CAP)


The conference will be postponed

We have sadly decided to cancel CAP2020 in Aarhus.

We in Aarhus have been hoping to be able to host the CAP conference this coming July. As things have developed internationally, this seems less and less realistic to us.

Right now, the situation in Denmark is relatively calm, but we cannot guarantee that it does not change suddenly and we are also not at all sure that international travel will be at all normal in early July.

We will announce the date for the CAP2021 conference in Aarhus as soon as possible. There will be a new call for abstracts during the fall and registration next spring.

At the moment, we are considering whether to set up some virtual panels as a replacement for the physical conference.

We very much hope that you all will participate in the CAP2021 Conference in Aarhus.

All the best from Aarhus,

Please note: the conference will be postponed to 2021.