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Thursday 3 October 2019


Graduate conference with Karen Alter

Mogens Zieler Room


Registration and coffee

Mogens Zieler Room


Panel 1a: What Rule of Law?

Mogens Zieler Room

(Chair: Graham Butler)


·         Antoni Abat i Ninet, KU & Acar Kuta, KU:
”EU technocrats jeopardising the founding principle of Rule of Law”

·         Louise Halleskov Storgaard, AU: “Rule of law challenges in EU law on asylum and border control”

·         Graham Butler, AU: “The Resort to International Law Solutions for EU Law Problems: A Problem for the Rule of Law”

·         Sune Klinge, KU & Helle Krunke, KU:  ”Populism in contemporary Europe”

Panel 1b:  EMU and Eurozone

Preben Hornung Room

(Chair: Henrik Andersen, CBS)


·         Derek Beach, AU: “Intergovernmentalism and its implications - New Institutional Leadership in major EU reforms”

·         Jesper Jespersen, RUC: “Rigid rules for public sector budget and persistent private sector surplus cause low growth in the euro-zone”

·         Magnus G. Schoeller, Vienna U: “The new Hanseatic League and the Fading Shadow of German Hegemony”



Coffee break


Panel 2a: Constitutionalism

Mogens Zieler Room

(Chair: Hagen Schulz-Forberg)


·         Hagen Schulz-Forberg, AU:  “Nomocrats: How Neoliberals learned to tolerate democracies (and didn't mind too much when they were absent)”

·         Jan Komarek, KU:  European constitutionalism: Towards an ‘ideology critique’

·         Helga Molbæk-Steensig, KU: “The case for external review: Kosovo as the canary in the coal mine”

·         Gorm Harste, AU: ”The long term constitution of a democratic surplus in the European Integration – a Kantian perspective”


Panel 2b: Social Movements

Preben Hornung Room

(Chair: Sevie Chatzopoulou)


·         Hans-Jörg, KU, Verena Brändle, KU & Charlotte Galpin, Birmingham U: ”Contesting Populism: Social Media as a Site for Pro-EU Mobilisation during Brexit”

·         Oscar Garcia Agustin, AAU: “Transnationalizing solidarity. Connecting municipalities and the EU multilevel governance”

·         Sevie Chatzopoulou, RUC: “The professionalization of social initiatives under austerity in ‘post-crisis’ Greece”

·         Steven Miller, Clemson U: “Social Intolerance, Immigration, and Support for Democracy in Europe, 1996-2017”


Coffee break


Panel 3a: Europe & the Rule of Law

Meeting room 1

(Chair: Hagen Schulz-Forberg)


·         Christina Fiig, AU: “The populist challenge to EU Rule of Law regarding gender equality rights”

·         Jan Ifversen, AU: “The question of a European Rule of Law reposed from the margins: the eternal newcomer and European identity”

·         Christoffer Kølvraa, AU: “Playing Games and Bending Rules; Populism and the ideal of a European Rule of Law”


Panel 3b: Politics & administration in the EU

Mogens Zieler Room

(Chair: Jens-Blom Hansen)


·         Christilla Roederer-Rynning, SDU: “Paper on the Council and trilogues”

·         Daniel Finke, AU: “A Guardian in Need of Support: The Strategic Enforcement of EU State Aid Rules”

·         Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, KU, Ellen Mastenbroek, RU & Reini Schrama, KU: ”Change or Stability in EU Network Governance”

·         Jens Blom-Hansen, AU & Roman Senninger, AU: ”The EU Commission: A strategic actor in EU politics?”




Roundtable: “Crisis Politics and the Judiciary”

Mogens Zieler Room


Kick-off speech by Christian Joerges : “Is the Law running out here? Crisis politics and the judiciary.”

Moderation: Hagen Schulz-Forberg

Participants:  Karen Alter, Jan Komarek, Graham Butler


Dinner - Entré Café, Den Gamle By, Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C

Friday 4 October 2019


Official welcome address

Meeting room 1


Keynote speech by Karen Alter

Meeting room 1




Panel 4a: Compliance & Enforcement

Meeting room 1.2+1.3 (Chair: Daniel Finke)


·         Henrik Andersen, CBS:  Rule of Law Developments by the Judiciaries in the EU and the WTO: A Comparative Approach in a Multilevel Setting

·         Nico Groenendijk, Oslomet: “The rule of soft law: How to make sense of (non-)
compliance with EU policy coordination”

·         Jana Paasch, MZES & Christian Stecker, MZES: “Better late than never? EU Implementation beyond the National Level – An Analysis of the Sixteen German Regional Parliaments between 1990 and 2018”

·         Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen, Oslo “Tending the bar: Case allocations in the Court of Justice of the European Union”

Panel 4b: EP Elections 2019

Meeting room 1 (Chair: Hans-Jörg Trenz)


·         Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Lund U & Michael Bossetta, KU: “Patterns of transnational communication on Twitter in the case of the 2019 European Parliament elections”

·         Hans-Jörg Trenz, KU: “European elections: towards first order elections campaigns?”

·         Verena Brändle, KU: “Solidarity Contestation across European Publics”

·         Niilo Kauppi, Jyväskylä U: “Reconsidering EP elections as second-order elections”

Panel 4c: Rule of Law & Foreign Policy

Mogens Zieler Room (Chair: Derek Beach)


·         Dale Mineshima-Lowe, Birbeck, University of London: “Is the multilateral order dream really over? Does the EU’s internal rule of law and democracy challenges undermine its role in maintaining the multilateral world order?”

·         Maj Grasten, CBS:” Village Justice”: Translating the Rule of Law into Practice”

·         Marlene Paulin Kristensen, KU: “The Rules of Law: a qualitative study of moments of uncertainty in the everyday enforcement of EU borders”


Lunch at Stakladen



Panel Debate: Cooperation in the Nordic Area:Challenges and Opportunities within the European Union

Mogens Zieler Room (Chair: Sevasti Chatzopoulou)

·         Hans Jörg Trenz, Copenhagen University, Denmark

·         Niilo Kauppi, Helsinki University, Finland

·         Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Lund University, Sweden

·         Nico Groenendijk, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

·         Maximilian Conrad, University of Iceland

·         Maria Strömvik, Deputy Director / Centre for European Studies, Lund Universitet

Panel 5a: Democratic Backsliding and EU Constitution

Meeting room 1 (Chair: Karin H Pedersen)


·         Gregor Fabio Wolkenstein, AU: “Partisan Complicity, Democratic Backsliding, and the European Constitution”

·         Johanna Speyer, Mainz: “Backsliding writ large What characterizes the international challenge against the rule of law?”

·         Goldstein, Asher, Linköping “Enforcing the Rule of Law in the EU: Pre- & Post-2014 Framework in three case studies: Hungary, Romania and, Poland”

·         Tommaso Pavone, Oslo, “The Ghostwriters: Lawyers and the Politics Behind the Judicial Construction of Europe”


Coffee break


Roundtable: European Diplomacy & the EEAS 

Meeting room 1


·         Gert Tinggård Svendsen, AU

·         Tonny Brems Knudsen, AU

·         Knud Erik Jørgensen, AU

·         Jonas Gejl, AU

·         Catharina Sørensen, Nyt Europa

Panel 6a: EU Politics, Policy and Public Opinion in challenging times

Mogens Zieler Room

(Chair: Mads Dagnis & Caroline de la porte)


·         Anders Ejrnæs, RUC & Mads Dagnis Jensen, CBS  “The Diverse Roads to the Exit: Why do People Want to Leave the European Union?”

·         Trine P. Larsen, Anna Ilsøe & Mikkel Mailan , KU “ Regulating the temporary work agency sector – The effects and implications of EU’s directive in the Nordics”

·         Caroline de la Porte, CBS, Trine Larsen, KU and Dorota Szelewa, UCD “The work-life balance directive: An EU home-run against all odds? Denmark and Poland compared”

·         Hahonou, Eric & Gorm Rye Olsen, RUC, ‘Niger – the European Union’s migration cop? The EU’s policies aimed at curbing migration from Africa’


General Assembly in Building 1330, room 126, followed by Reception