Across the Universe

is a cultural association for students and staff at the Department of Political Science. The association aims to work both as a communicator and as a facilitator of culture at the Department. In addition to organising joint cultural events, such as theatre trips, the association will encourage and support cultural initiatives by the Department's students and staff.

Idrætsforeningen Statskundskab
(The Department Sports Club)

'Idrætsforeningen Statskundskab' is the Department's glorious football club. The club has enjoyed a steadily growing membership since its establishment in 1997. Besides its many football activities, the club is also the organiser of a large number of social events during the season, thereby helping to create a strong social network at the Department, across age, gender, terms and seniority.

Foreningen JUL på IFSK
(Association organising the annual Xmas-at-the-Department party)

The association organises the Department's annual Xmas party for students and staff and sets up the famous Xmas cabaret.

(Association of Masters and Masters Degree Students)

The main object of the Association of Masters and Masters Degree Students is to organise academic and social events for masters degree and sixth-semester students as well as graduates from the Department of Political Science.

Foreningen Kritisk Profil
(the student debating society Critical Profile)

has as its main purpose to increase independent and critical involvement by the students and to promote teamwork between students and teaching staff. Critical Profile arranges lectures and themedays and sets up study groups.

Foreningen Kandestøberen
(the society and editorial board of the Department newsletter "Kandestøberen")

issues "Kandestøberen", which is a newsletter for students and staff at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University. The newsletter is published four times each semester with a circulation of about 1,200 printed copies and a web version on the Department website. So far, the newsletter is available in Danish only. The editors can be reached at

Politologisk Bogformidling (Politological Book Service)

is a book distribution service that delivers practically all books for seminars and teaching. We also offer a wide range of secondary literature and interesting special offers.

Politologisk Forening (Politological Society)

is an apolitical society for students and staff at the Department of Political Science. The society hosts lectures, café nights, Friday Bar, parties and study tours. The society together with the Political Science Council owns one third of the Social Sciences Cafeteria (“Kantinen”).

Statsrådet (Political Science Council)

is an umbrella organisation for the students' various
political organisations and voting lists at the department. The council represents the student body on the department’s Board of Studies and the departmen’s governing body as well as other university bodies.