Call for papers


The aim of the Nordic conferences is to present empirical and theoretical research on violent extremism and prevention hereof, which 1) is carried out by researchers based in one of the Nordic countries or 2) addresses violent extremism in one or more Nordic countries.


This year’s conference aims to broaden the research field and to invite new (inter-)disciplinary perspectives and research questions.  The conference also seeks to enhance the conversation and interaction between researchers and practitioners working in the field. It welcomes research-based submissions by practitioners and participation by practitioners as conference attendees.

The conference is genuinely multi- and inter-disciplinary, interested in both theory and practice, and encourages problem-solving as well as critical submissions. Participants who will not present papers are also welcome to attend the conference.

The conference invites papers and panels addressing all relevant themes, but especially:

  • Online political hostility. Why do people post and share hateful comments, threats and fake news online and what are the consequences?
  • Effective prevention and interdiction. What measures work online/offline and how can effects be studied and evaluated?
  • State-sponsored propaganda and mobilization. How does the spread of propaganda contribute to political polarization and extremism?
  • Locations and spaces of violent extremism: What characterizes the neighborhoods, spaces and milieus in which radicalization to violent extremism happens, and why do they evolve in certain places?
  • Political illegitimacy and radicalization. How do political decisions and implementation of policies perceived as illegitimate feed into violent escalations?
  • Trends in domestic and international violent extremism: What are the new or (re-)emerging forms of violent extremism in the Nordic countries and elsewhere?
  • Violent groups and individuals: Which groups and individuals are currently influential, and which mechanisms are involved in radicalization to violent extremism?
  • New technologies: risks and solutions: How do big data, ‘bots’ and algorithms play into political polarization, violent extremism and how can they be used in prevention? 

Format and Contributions

The conference invites abstracts of proposed papers and of full panels. A panel will consist of three thematically related paper, as well as a chair. Each paper should be presented within 15-20 minutes. A panel will last 80 minutes, including approx. 20 minutes for discussion and Q&A.  Upon receiving the submitted proposals, the programme committee will group the accepted submissions into thematic sections.