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2012.09.03 | Research news, Society and politics

Ulrich Beck

New book by Mads P. Sørensen og Allan Christiansen - "Ulrich Beck - An Introduction to the Theory of Second Modernity and the Risk Society"

2012.08.06 | Society and politics, Research news, Awards

Researchers win internationally recognized prize

Derek Beach and Rasmus Brun Pedersen have won the 2012 SAGE Prize for best paper on qualitative methods presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association.

Rune Slothuus was recently named the winner of the Roberta Sigel Award from the International Society of Political Psychology for his latest results. Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey.

2012.07.07 | Society and politics, Research news

We underestimate the influence of the political parties

New research from Aarhus University reveals that political parties have greater influence on the public opinion than was previously thought.

2012.06.08 | Research news

19th CESAU Newsletter - June 2012

The Centre for Sociological Studies at Aarhus University (CESAU) has put out Newsletter no. 19. From the contents: Report from the seminar "Focus on Bourdieu" - Science should supplement passion...

2012.05.09 | Research news, Society and politics

Is democracy on the retreat?

Several researchers are warning that the economic crisis can seriously undermine global democratic development. New research at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, will study whether we can learn from historical examples of democracies’ birth and death.

2012.05.01 | Research news, Education, learning and philosophy

På vej til professionerne (Bound for occupation)

New book by Gitte Sommer Harrits and Søren Gytz Olesen focuses on differences between Danish Professional Bachelor's Programmes.

2012.04.30 | Research news, Society and politics

Karl Marx

New book by Jørn Loftager, Department of Political Science and Government (in Danish).

2012.04.24 | Society and politics, Research news

Fra sogn til velfærdsproducent - Kommunestyret gennem fire årtier [From parish to welfare provider - Danish local government during four decades]

New book by Jens Blom-Hansen, Marius lbsen, Thorkil Juul and Poul Erik Mouritzen. Over the last 40 years, Danish municipalities have developed into the country's main providers of welfare. What caused this development?

2012.04.11 | Research news, Society and politics, Staff, Religion and theology

Researcher to look into relationship between state and religion

Several parties in the Danish Parliament call for a revision of the relationship between the State and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. A new research project at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences will now shed light on this discussion.

2012.03.15 | Research news

Appearance important to political success

The appearance and facial features of politicians are important to their political success. This is the result of a Master's thesis from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, which the Danish Society of Survey Research (Selskab for Surveyforskning) recently has elected as the best Danish Master's thesis using questionnaire data in 2011.

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