Fri 30 Aug
13:00-19:00 | Juridisk Auditorium, lokale 275, bygning 1343, Bartholins Alle, Aarhus Universitet
Doctoral defence
Thu 29 Aug
09:00-16:15 | Fuglesangs Allé 4, R1 (Store sal), Aarhus University
Opening conference: Trygfonden's Centre for Child Research
August 29-31, the opening of Trygfonden's Centre for Child Research at Aarhus University is marked by an opening conference.
Thu 22 Aug
09:30-23:00 | 22-23 Aug - Dept of Political Science, University of Copenhage
Facts & Norms – Conference announcement and call for posters
The European financial crisis and the failures of climate politics call for a revisited political theory. What role do scientific facts about climate change and social facts about immigration and political identity play in the determination and justification of political and social norms? - Sponsors: Centre for European Politics and Nordic Network for Political Ethics.
Mon 19 Aug
09:00-16:30 | Building 1330, Room 124 (Lille Mødelokale)
Seminar on the causes and consequences of political regime developments
The researh project DEDERE hosts a seminar on the causes and consequences of regime development.
Fri 14 Jun
14:15-16:00 | Aud. A I, building 1333, Aarhus University
PhD defence: How are children affected by parental imprisonment and what is the implication of the Danish welfare state and associated penal practices for prisoners’ children?
To complete the PhD study programme in Political Science, cand.scient.pol. Rikke Fuglsang Olsen presents her PhD dissertation, giving a public lecture followed by a defence.
Thu 23 May
08:00-17:15 |
MatchPoints Seminar 2013
This year's theme is “The Culture of Politics, Economics and International Relations”. Meet among others Robert Putnam, Will Kymlicka and Ronald Inglehart.
Wed 22 May
14:15-16:00 | Aarhus, Nobelparken, building 1482, auditorium 105
Lecture by Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University.
Wed 22 May
12:15-14:00 | Aarhus, Nobelparken, building 1482, auditorium 105
Religion on the move: Concepts, Methods, and Current Debates
Lecture by Peggy Levitt; Professor of Sociology at Wellesley College and Research Fellow at The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University.
Fri 17 May
14:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Nobelparken, bldg 1482, room 105
Fairness Evolved as a Coordinating Device
Guest lecture by Ken Binmore, University College London. Professor Binmore is one of the founders of modern game theory. He has pioneered analytical game theory, experimental economics and the use of game theory to study complex aspects of human culture such as morality and fairness. Organiser: The Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University.
Thu 11 Apr
16:30-18:00 | Aarhus University, Bartholins Allé, building 1333, Aud. A1
Guest lecture by Artis Pabriks
Latvia's Minister of Defence, Artis Pabriks, gives a guest lecture entitled "Global and Regional Challenges to the Baltic Sea Region".

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