Big grants for three researchers from the Department of Political Science and Government

Peter Bjerre Mortensen, Rune Stubager and Kees van Kersbergen receive million grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research - Social Sciences.

The Danish Council for Independent Research/Social Sciences has announced the recipients of research grants in connection to its main call for research proposals. Three of the projects that have achieved funding, are headed, respectively, by Peter Bjerre Mortensen, Rune Stubager, and Kees van Kersbergen from the Department of Political Science and Government: 

Peter Bjerre Mortensen

Awarded Amount: 4,199,201 DKK

Project Title:

Causes and Policy Consequences of Agenda Setting

Rune Stubager

Awarded Amount: 5,055,981 DKK

Project Title:

Perceptions of Social Stratification and Voting: A New Look on Electoral Behaviour

Kees van Kersbergen

Awarded Amount: 2,178,360 DKK

Project Title:

Diverging Welfare State Reform in Scandinavia: Is the Middle Class Abandoning Universalism?


See also The Danish Council for Independent Research's webpage

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