2019.05.06 | Research news

Danish voters are sore losers

New research from the department shows that voters’ perception of Danish democracy is affected by whether they vote for a winning or a losing party. It is particularly striking that the losers are still less satisfied with democracy three years after an election.

2019.05.06 | People

Michael Bang Petersen becomes member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

The political science professor strives to safeguard the concept of truth and the academic ideal.

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2019.03.25 | Research news

Four historical Danish general elections – and one to come?

LONGREAD: Insights, a media platform from Aarhus BSS, takes you back to four historical elections that have each made their mark on the political landscape according to two professors from the Department of Political Science.

2019.03.20 | Awards

Roman Senninger receives award for best PhD dissertation

European Union Studies Association (EUSA) has announced the winner of EUSA Best Dissertation Award. The winner is Roman Senninger, assistant professor at the Department of Political Science.

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2019.03.05 | Research news

Teachers under pressure choose Anders instead of Ahmed

When Danish school teachers are under pressure, they discriminate students with Middle Eastern names. This is the conclusion of new research from TrygFonden's Centre for Child Research at Aarhus BSS. When the teachers’ workload is reduced, the discrimination is also eliminated.

2019.02.06 | Research news

The class society is alive - and so what?

Despite widespread agreement that the class society is a thing of the past, the class consciousness of Danes is alive and well and has hardly changed in the past 60 years. And this is not unimportant.

2019.02.05 | New Books

Routledge Handbook of Russian Security

Mette Skak contributes with a chapter on Russian strategic culture. She writes about old habits and the new generation of policy makers.

Michael Bang Petersen, professor, Aarhus BSS. Photo: Mia Ulvgraven

2019.02.01 | Grants

Large research grant to combat political hostility and threats on social media

Professor of political science Michael Bang Petersen will head a major new research project at Aarhus BSS aiming to develop counter-strategies to combat hostile behaviour in the political debate on social media. The Carlsberg Foundation has donated DKK 15.7 million to the interdisciplinary project, which brings together leading Danish and…

2018.12.13 | New Books

Introduction to International Relations

Oxford University Press releases the seventh edition of ‘Introduction to International Relations’ – with Professor Jørgen Møller, Aarhus BSS, as new co-author.

Head of department Peter Munk Christiansen and professor Carsten Jensen, Department of Political Science, Aarhus BSS | Photo: Mia Ulvgraven

2018.11.28 | Grants

EU awards prestigious grant to researcher at Aarhus BSS

Professor Carsten Jensen from the Department of Political Science has received the European Research Council’s Consolidator Grant, which is awarded to excellent researchers with promising academic careers. Carsten Jensen is the first researcher from Aarhus BSS to ever receive the award.

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