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Michael Bang Petersen receives the Fritz Kauffmans award

- Awards

CEPDISC member Michael Bang Petersen received on 31. May the Fritz Kauffman's award for his contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic with ”crucial data and knowledge about the Danes' behaviour and attitudes”. His research is part of the HOPE-project, and it is the first time a researcher outside the natural sciences receives the award. Congratulations Michael! (News piece in Danish only).


[Translate to English:] Billede af Michael Bang Petersen sammen med direktør for Statens Serum Institut, Henrik Ullum. Photo: Serum Instituttet.

Unequal children, disconnected adults?

- Grants

Professor Kim Mannemar Sønderskov receives the Spar Nord Foundation's PhD/Postdoc program 2020 grant for a project on the long-term consequences of childhood exposure to economic inequality (this article is in Danish).

[Translate to English:] Professor i statskundskab Kim Mannemar Sønderskov. Foto: Ingrid Marie Fossum