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Covid-19 entry restrictions

Entry restrictions to Denmark are currently in force and the world is divided into different colours: yellow, orange and red. The worthy purpose/entry restrictions will depend on the colour of the country, you are residing in and arriving from. 

The Danish authorities assess the colours on a weekly basis based on the COVID-19 situation in Denmark and the world. This means that a country labelled as orange this week, might be labelled yellow or red next week. If a country is labelled red, it is unfortunately not possible to enter Denmark.

Before you sign up for in-person participation, you are therefore strongly advised to observe the rules and guidelines from the Danish authorities.

Furthermore, we strongly advise you to have a look at Aarhus university website containing an overview of the various restrictions in connection with entry to Denmark (it is updated on a continuous basis)


Depending on the colour of the county you arrive from, among other things, a negative covid-19 test might be required both before, when entering Denmark as well as on the 4th day after you have entered Denmark. And in addition you must isolate immediately upon entry.

Requirements to wearing face masks have also been implemented.