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The amount of information available on the Internet regarding development is growing rapidly and ranges from daily news to scientific publications. A list of addresses has been provided below in an attempt to introduce students to this variety of sources and entrance points. The list is in no way exhaustive, but hopefully will prove useful to beginners. It may not be possible to obtain full papers, but a visit to many of the web sites for research programmes of institutions listed below will provide an idea of front-line issues within a subject area and thereby give an idea of topics it might be useful to address in a course paper.

The introductory nature of the addresses is stressed, but one feature of many Internet pages to note is a links mark from where it is possible to click on to sites dealing with related subjects. So the links mark can be very helpful for an onward search. Suggestions for improvement will be very welcome, as the list should continue to be updated.

The index below is not exhaustive nor are the categories exclusive, and it is therefore advisable to search for a subject under more than one category.


Reports, MA theses, etc.


Agriculture and Food



Biodiversity and Climate

Development Organisations and Aid

Electronic Communication and Publications





Human Health, Nutrition and Population

Human Rights and Law

Sustainable Natural Resource Management


Parliaments and Governance

Poverty Focus

Research and Documentation