Frands Dolberg - profile


  1. Frands Dolberg holds an MA degree in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. However, beginning in 1968 his studies were interspersed with prolonged stays in countries like India and Bangladesh, where he acted as a development worker for a Danish NGO - the Danish Association for International Co-operation (now ActionAid Denmark) - and subsequently served some years on its board. He has worked for Danida: and by now he has worked in more than 40 developing countries for different development agencies. In recent years mainly for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations: and for the International Fund for Agricultural Development:, but he has experience with other organizations like UNDP and the Asian Development Bank and NGOs such as DanchurchAid.
  2. Frands Dolberg has facilitated the course ‘Approaches to Development’ at the University of Aarhus since its start in 1985 and since its start he is involved in the Master Program on Human Security at Århus University:, but his main occupation has been as a consultant to international development and Danish agencies – governmental as well as nongovernmental (NGO) organizations.
  3. He gained some early experiences with modern communication technology as a co-founder of the University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation (, which through a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach and the use of modern communication technology attempts to demonstrate that students from developing countries can make a better contribution to development if they are provided with guidance and information in their own environments.
  4. He acts as an adviser to the International Foundation for Science ( - an organization which attempts to stem the brain drain of scientists from developing countries through its support to young scientists in their own countries. He acts as a reviewer for the international journal Livestock Research for Rural Development: and is on the editorial board of the International Journal Agricultural Sustainability:
  5. Frands Dolberg was a member in the early years of the panel of Danish scientists advising the Danish Bilateral Research Enhancement Programme (ENRECA) of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was on the board of the Danish-sponsored International Network for Poultry Development.