Social Theory: A Textbook

Carsten Bagge Laustsen, Lars Thorup Larsen, Mathias Wullum Nielsen, Tine Ravn og Mads P. Sørensen har skrevet en ny lærebog om social teori. Bogen er udkommet på Routledge forlag.

08.05.2017 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

This textbook offers a new approach to understanding social theory. Framed around paired theoretical perspectives on a series of sociological problems, the book shows how distinctive viewpoints shed light on different facets of social phenomena.

The book includes sociology’s "founding fathers", major 20th-century thinkers and recent voices such as Butler and Zizek.

Philosophically grounded and focused on interpretation and analysis, the book provides a clear understanding of theory’s scope while developing students’ skills in evaluating, applying and comparing theories.  

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