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Guest lecture: U.S., Chinese and Russian Revisionism in the Contemporary International Order

Open guest lecture by Aleš Karmazin and debate on U.S., Chinese and Russian Revisionism in the Contemporary International Order.

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tirsdag 18. februar 2020,  kl. 14:15 - 16:00


1324-011 (Tvillingeauditorierne)

Aleš Karmazin
Aleš Karmazin from Metropolitan University Prague Photo: Metropolitan University Prague

The period after 2014 have brought a number of shifts that – when looked at together – have systematically challenged the (liberal-oriented) international political order. The U.S., China and Russia are arguably the three most important powers for defining revisionism in (and against) the current global liberal order. In the lecture, I will inquire into revisionism of the three great powers. I will point to the importance of intermestic configurations, linking domestic populism, presidential power of national leaders as expressed by their strategic narratives, and the states' international revisionist postures. In each case, a different style of revisionism can be identified: Russia’s guerrilla great power revisionism, the U.S. (Trumpian) un-doctrine revisionism and China as a revisionist that strives for achievement and status. The differences in the three great-power revisionisms indicate broader implications. I argue that the different revisionist trajectories of these great powers contribute to the multi-faceted yet uneven unmaking of a global, liberal internationalism rather than to a coherent revisionist challenge.