Political Parties and
Issue Strategies

POLIS is a research unit investigating the role of political parties
and party competition in contemporary Western democracies.

POLIS brings together researchers to study the role of political parties in contemporary Western democracies. Political parties are perhaps the most important political actors in democratic politics, and the core idea of POLIS is to study democracy through the lens of political parties and their interactions with voters and the mass media.

POLIS is organized into three research components:

  1. Inter-party competition: How do political parties compete on both issues and positions?
  2. Party-media interaction: How does party competition shape news coverage of politics?
  3. Party-voter interaction: How does party competition and communication influence voters' opinions and perceptions of political parties?

POLIS is funded by a grant from the Danish Social Science Research Council and by a grant from the AU Ideas programme from 2012 to 2016.

POLIS builds on earlier work in the Danish 'Political Agenda-setting' project. The project website and data material can be found at www.agendasetting.dk.


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