PhD from Political Science

Meet those who made it through to the other side

With a PhD from the Department of Political Science, you will be an particularly attractive candidate on the labour market. The PhD degree might be your first step towards a career as a researcher, but it doesn’t have to be. More and more PhD graduates take the leap and head out into the real world outside the walls of the university.

A PhD degree qualifies you to take on tasks related to research, development and teaching in both the private and public sector.

Every year, 10 new PhD students are enrolled at the Department of Political Science and are given every opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

“At our department, we provide a world-class education, which will position you strongly for a career in the international arena. We are very focused on making sure our students acquire strong methodological and analytical skills – regardless of whether their work focuses on small democracies in Africa or public sector performance management,” says Chairman of the Programme Committee Peter Munk Christiansen.

On the following pages, you will find stories about PhD graduates from the Department of Political Science, who chose to take the untraditional path after earning their PhD degrees. 

Perhaps you will be the next one to follow in their footsteps?

On this page, you find more information about the PhD programme at the Department of Political Science & Government.

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