2015.04.22 | New Books

New book: International Relations of the Middle East (Vol. 1-4)

Morten Valbjørn and Fred Lawson have edited a four-volume work on international relations in the Middle East.

2015.04.17 | New Books

Global Injustice Symbols and Social Movements

In this brilliant book, Olesen bridges the micro-macro divide to expose the inextricable relationship between social movements, symbols, and society in the global age.

2015.01.13 | New Books

New book: Political protest, activism and social movement

Lasse Lindekilde and Thomas Olesen focus on political movements not part of the established political system, eg. terror organisations and climate demonstrations.

2015.01.13 | New Books

Stata - A Practical Introduction

Kim Mannemar Sønderskov introduces the reader to the program and explains how Stata is used for scientific analysis of quantitative data.

The book is part of the series Tænkepauser - viden til hverdagen.

2014.09.29 | New Books


What is terror? Is the fear of terror exaggerated? Carsten Bagge Laustsen examins a number of critical issues in his new book on terror.

2014.08.29 | New Books

New book: Paradoxes of Liberal Democracy: Islam, Western Europe, and the Danish Cartoon Crisis

Michael Bang Petersen, Rune Slothuus, Rune Stubager, and Paul M. Sniderman have examined the Danish Cartoon Crisis and the Danes' response to it.

2014.06.19 | New Books

New book: The Right and the Welfare State

Carsten Jensen studies the welfare state policies of conservative and liberal governments. He shows that the policy goals of the Right are a lot less straightforward than simply "pro" or "con" the welfare state.

2014.06.12 | New Books

New book: The Rule of Law: Definitions, Measures, Patterns, and Causes

In this book Jørgen Møller and Svend-Erik Skaaning provide a thorough overview and critical discussion of conceptions and measures of the rule of law.

2014.05.13 | New Books

New book: Demokrati - opfattelser, udviklinger, årsager og virkninger

Jørgen Møller and Svend-Erik Skaaning examine the concept of democracy and democratization.

2014.05.13 | New Books

New Book: Regelstaten

In this book, Mads Leth Felsager Jakobsen and Peter Bjerre Mortensen show, that the number of Danish laws and executive orders has risen from 1989 to 2011.

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