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The Performance of the EU in International Institutions

Special Issue of the Journal of European Integration - Edited by Knud Erik Jørgensen, Sebastian Oberthür og Jamal Shahin. The publication presents the first results from the research project EUPERFORM (Measuring the Performance of the European Union in International Institutions), which analyses the European Union as a global actor. The main focus is on the performance of the EU in international institutions.


Read more about the research project EUPERFORM.

This Special Issue of the Journal of European Ingegration investigates the performance of the EU in a number of international institutions. The EU is not only an intergovernmental organisation but also a central actor in the international arena with a common foreign policy and now also a common foreign minister. This development raises new research questions as to how the EU performs as an international actor in various international institutions.

The Special Issue's opening article introduces the performance concept and and provides an analytical framework for a thorough investigation of EU performance in international institutions. Each of the nine subsequent articles looks into EU performance in nine different international organisations and regimes. The results of the analyses show that the EU has strengthened its role as an international actor over the last decade, thereby becoming a more relevant foreign-policy actor for its member states.


  1. Introduction: Assessing the EU’s Performance in International Institutions – Conceptual Framework and Core Findings
    (Knud Erik Jørgensen, Sebastian Oberthür & Jamal Shahin)
  2. The Legal Framework for the Participation of the European Union in International Institutions
    (Ramses A. Wessel)
  3. The EU at the World Bank: Institutional and Policy Performance
    (Eugenia Baroncelli)
  4. The Performance of the European Union in the International Labour Organization
    (Robert Kissack)
  5. The European Union’s Performance in the International Climate Change Regime
    (Sebastian Oberthür)
  6. The European Union’s Performance in the International Telecommunication Union
    (Jamal Shahin)
  7. The EU’s Performance in the World Health Organization: Internal Cramps are the ‘Lisbon cure’
    (Louise Van Schaik)
  8. The Rise (and Fall?) of the EU’s Performance in the Multilateral Trading System
    (Alasdair R. Young)
  9. The EU’s Performance in the United Nations Security Council
    (Spyros Blavoukos & Dimitris Bourantonis)
  10. The EU’s Performance with and within NATO: Assesing Objectives, Outcomes and Organisational Practices
    (Nina Græger & Kristin M. Haugevik)

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Publisher: Journal of European Information, Vol. 33, No. 6, 2011

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